TMG’s Canadian Mover ActivationTM

New movers spend more on goods and services within the first three months of living in their new residence than most people do in three to five years.

The Canadian Mover ActivationTM (CMA) is a 24hr refresh rate contact database of households that are likely occupied by new movers.Forty percent of the database contains both a name and telephone number, while the balance contains an address only. The database allows marketers to identify households for mail or phone-based target marketing.  The number of CMA file varies seasonally, with the average number of movers over 115,000 households per month and a peak of 147,000+ households. CMA file allows marketers to identify those new households that may be looking to discover local area shopping centres, home improvement products and services, restaurants, personal services such as hairdressers and entertainment venues in their new communities.

Businesses that are quick to establish relationships with these new customers often retain them as they develop new consumer habits.

Usage Options

CMA live feed is ideal for marketers seeking to target households for home improvement products and services, personal services, financial services and large-ticket purchases like appliances, furniture and renovations that are often associated with establishing a new home.

In addition to prospecting, CMA feeds can be used to update customer records, or append information missing from customer records, so that clients can be alerted to their customers’ latest addresses.

TMG’s Canadian Pre-Mover ActivationTM

Canadian Pre-Mover ActivationTM (CPMA) Pre-Movers is a 24hr refresh rate contact database of households that are likely to be moving in the near future.

The database is continuously updated and records both the listing date and sold date of individual properties.Each record includes an address, specific market metrics, and, where available, a name and telephone number (name and phone number are available on approximately 50 percent of the file). The number of CPMA’s live feed available at any given time averages about 224,000, with a churn of approximately 47,000 sold homes per month.Each record has a unique address ID which is associated with the property itself and remains the same over time.

“To maximize the success of mover outreach programs, the critical time to reach new movers is several months before the move as 70%-90% of spending decisions are made before the new mover has left their current residence”


By matching CPMA data to their own customer addresses database, clients can identify customers who may be moving and should be targeted for customer retention programs. The database allows clients identify opportunities to engage customers regarding mortgages, telephone, insurance and other services associated with household moves.

Retention Campaigns

CPMA (Pre-Movers) data offers layers of market specific insights, that allows your message to resonate with the target market, for the right timing when they are most open to relevant marketing messages.

You can better time your message with insights such as our projected sell date, projected move date and projected selling price- all metrics specific to local market dynamics down to postal code level across Canada.

Aquisition Campaigns

CPMA (Pre-Movers) can also be used for acquisition campaigns, knowing that pre-movers are more likely to be considering new relationships for a wide range of consumer products and services.